Our services

Phone App

With our app you can send money to anyone at anytime. It is really easy. Write the amount and the destination and send. THAT'S IT.

Pay for services and products

Pay for bills, products and services securely and swiftly all from your phone.

Pay for transit

No more tokens, cards and changes. Pay for transit fare all from Ibat App.

What else we provide?

Financial management

See all your expenses and incomes.


Exchange/pay with cryptocurrencies

Smart payments

Create rules and intervals for payments.

Become a Partner

Pay your employees with ibat smart payment

Add ibat to your transfer list

dollar transfered

Why ibat?

Ibat provides the fastest and safest method for money transfer and exchange. 

  • Send money in few seconds with you phone
  • Pay for all the services and bills all under one platform
  • Save time and money by using our smart payment

About us

Ibat is a not only a platform for money transfer. It empowers you to pay for all your services and products

on a single platform and manage all your financial assets.  With Ibat you do not need to worry about missing payments 

or the hassle of paying multiple people like you employees. Ibat make it all as easy as playing games on your phone.